How to keep your browsing private. Ngā ture whakamahi me te whakakape.

Every time you visit a web page your internet browser stores information about your online session. If someone gets access to your browser history, they can easily see what you've been looking at online.

Below are some helpful tips and sites to help you delete your browser history however the safest way to stop someone seeing your browser history is to use a computer at your local library, an internet cafe or workplace.

If someone walks in while you're on this site, the quickest way to hide what you're looking at is to click on the 'quick exit' tab at the bottom of the page. You can then go back later and delete your browser history if you want to.

Clearing your internet browser history

Firstly, to clear your online history you need to know what web browser you've been using. Some common ones include:

Internet Explorer (Microsoft)
Firefox (Mozilla)
Safari (Apple)
Chrome (Google)
Opera (Opera Labs)

Find out what browser you are using(external link) (just note the browser and ignore the rest.)


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