Advice on how to keep safe after sexual violence. Te noho haumaru.

Being affected by sexual violence may have left you feeling unsafe. There are a number of ways you can be kept safe, including keeping the person who did this away from you.

If you’re in immediate danger call Police on 111.

Immediate help:

If the sexual violence has just happened try to get to somewhere safe and call a friend or the Police.

If the sexual violence has happened in the last week or so, think about getting a medical examination. It’s about making sure you’re okay, checking your general health, making sure any injuries are treated and helping protect you from infection or unwanted pregnancy.

Police can arrange this for you but you can still get a check-up even if you haven’t decided if you want to talk to Police. Start by talking to the people at "Safe to talk". They’ll respect your needs and put you in touch with the right people.

Medical check-ups following sexual violence are carried out by doctors who are specially trained to help you.

Are you worried about your personal safety?

Once a suspect has been arrested they may be released on bail
The release of a person from custody on conditions, including that they go to court
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.  If you’re worried about them contacting you; talk to the police officer in charge
Your main contact person with the police for your case.
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. Bail conditions might include not contacting you or not being in the same area as you.  If they do contact you can call the Police.

There are other ways you can be protected including protection orders, non-contact orders and restraining orders. You can talk to your specialist support person or police officer in charge about what’s available.

If you haven’t got a specialist support person or haven’t contacted police you could contact a lawyer,  Citizens Advice Bureau,(external link) or a Community Law Centre(external link) for advice.

This site also has information on how to hide your browsing history if you're worried about someone seeing the websites you have viewed.

Part of the healing for me was forgiving myself for not making someone listen to me.


Getting support
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